There are many extremely talented photographers in my line of work.

I, however, am not one of them. 

Regardless, I try to take pictures where ever I end up because who knows when the next time I, or anyone else, will be there. I am happy to let most anyone use my pictures for their own purposes with appropriate attribution, as long as you ask first. I have reduced the resolution for the photos linked below; send me an email for the full resolution versions.

Antarctica 2016-2017 (SALSA)
COP21 Climate Negotiations
Antarctica 2015 (ROSETTA)
Antarctica 2014-2015 (WISSARD)
Vatican Workshop (May 2014)
Antarctrica 2013-2014 (WISSARD)
Antarctica 2012-2013 (WISSARD)
Antarctica 2011-2012 (WISSARD)
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